Fairy Meadows Pakistan certainly understands its splendid rich green levels and 9 of the world’s most important mountain. Nanga Barbat (Mount Murderer) is a town house in the Diamar region of Jaljeet district of Baltistan, Pakistan. Fairy Meadows was named in 1953 by the Australian mountaineer Herman Paul because of the size of Hypnose Pakistan. It was here to climb the summit of Nanga Parbat. Switch to the first of the mountain peaks. Fairy Meadows Pakistan is an addition called “Paradise on Earth” for its unparalleled brilliance

fairy meadow- fairy meadows pakistan


A night outside or remain in by and large created wooden lodge at Fairy Meadows Pakistan with a stunning perspective of convincing Nanga Parbat’s North face is to an incredible degree interesting and wonderful experience. Essentially more if sky is clear and night is full moon. The cool moonlight reflecting from the colossal fantastic chilly summit demonstrates the veritable massiveness of nature’s enormity and peace.

How to reach?

The basic stop close Fairy Meadows Pakistan is Raikot Bridge. It is orchestrated at a tallness of 4595 feet (1400 meters) above ocean level and around 540 kilometers (336 miles) from Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan), when coming through Karakoram Highway.From Raikot Bridge you can get a near to jeep to finish Tatoo Village at a height of 9515 feet (2900 meters) above ocean level. It will take about half hour of animating journey to fulfill Tatoo Village.Onwards from Tattu course winds up being extravagantly thin for a jeep, making it hard to head out yet not to an awesome degree troublesome for trekking. Following a few hours of trekking relying on your prosperity level, you’ll fulfill Fairy Meadows Pakistan.

fairy meadows- fairy meadows pakistan

Where to remain?

There are two or three lodgings and vacationer lodges are available to help visitors in Fairy Meadows Pakistan. A large portion of them of are open at to an awesome degree sensible costs. A couple despite the way that are unimportant costly. Different visitors get a kick out of the chance to remain in camps on rich spots.Sustenance is over the top here when showed up distinctively in connection to urban locales. In any case, accessibility of sustenance at this remote place makes it worth paying.

Right when to visit?

The best time to visit Fairy Meadows Pakistan is between end of June and point of convergence of August. The place winds up certainly difficult to reach in winter because of overwhelming snowfall.

Fairy Meadows Pakistan

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