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Azad Kashmir is an administrative space of Pakistan that lies in the west of Jammu Kashmir. It is a bit of the more noticeable Kashmir area that offers a periphery with Gilgit– Baltistan. The lower some bit of the Himalayas is arranged in the northern bit of Azad Kashmir, which is home for a couple of snow-caped mountains, for instance, Jamgarh Peak and Sarwali top.The Fertile green grounds, uneven valleys, dazzling streams, blooming glades and the lovely spots make it a champion among the most awesome regions of Asian subcontinent.



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Leepa valley

azad kashmir - Beauty of azad kashmir

Leepa Valley is discovered 45 km from Muzaffarabad, in Azad Kashmir. The towns of the valley outline a delightful woven mosaic illustration, which is a sight to see. Some acclaimed towns here are Reshian, Dao Khan, and Chananian. The forested areas in the valley is thickly populated with pine and maple trees. If you mean to stay in Muzaffarabad before going by Leepa Valley, Akbar International View Hotel gives you a favored stop over.


Neelum valley

Neelam Valley - Beauty of azad kashmir

Neelum Valley is a bow-shaped woods region arranged in the north-east bit of Azad Kashmir, at a stature of 13,000 ft. above sea level. It runs parallel to Kaghan Valley – Neelum and Kaghan are disconnected by chilly apexes. Due to the bewildering atmosphere, fantastic inclines on the two sides of the River Neelum, and charming scenes, guests from all completed Pakistan love to visit Neelum valley.


Toli pir

Toli Pir - Beauty of azad kashmir

Toli Pir is a decent nation, arranged in Tehsil Rawalakot (a place in Azad Kashmir), at a stature of 8800 ft. above sea level. It is around an of 45-minute drive from Rawalakot town. Toli pir is the point of convergence of three various mountain edges – Abbaspur, Bagh and Poonch River can be seen from here. It is most accessible and most beautiful in the midst of April to September.


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